– What is Summer? And Why is it So Hot?

June 21, 2007

Greetings Listers! 

Summer is finally here! (Well almost, Thursday is the official summer solstice) But man-oh-man is it hot as hell out there. I spent all winter praying for warmer weather, then all spring waiting for the pools to open, and now I am already looking forward to fall. Guess that is just human nature though. 

So instead of waiting for the future, let us try and live in the present. (My apologies for the corny cliché) 

First things first, how do you stay cool in this unbearable heat? If you have an air conditioner – try this… if it blows something other than cold air or you don’t have one – try this. 

By the way, if you don’t have AC, here is an easy step-by-step list of how to build your own MacGyver-style air conditioner. 

If that seems like too much work in the sweltering temperatures, dive in a pool. Sick of doggy-paddling and floating on rafts? Play one of these great games. Or take a trip to one of these incredible pools. 

Don’t ever forget what Mom said, “No swimming for 30 minutes after you eat!” And the odds are if you are eating, it’ll be something off the grill. So make sure you have all the essentials – and don’t forget to clean it when you’re done, the food is already dirty enough!  

If you have any other summery suggestions or ideas for lists create one yourself 

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Editor ~ – Blonde and Red-Headed Floozies

June 21, 2007

Greetings Listers! 

Paris Hilton is officially a resident of the L.A. County jail. She arrived for booking early, following a surprise visit at the MTV movie awards Sunday night. Forget “The Simple Life” – can’t FOX get a TV camera in that jail cell somehow? Guarantee you would be glued to that reality show. 

Speaking of blonde-haired mops that soak up the red carpet, did you see the list of things in Anna Nicole’s stomach? 

And speaking of jail, have you noticed less spam in your email? The feds arrested one of the world’s top spammers the other day.  

Oh, I almost forgot, speaking of women with red carpets – how about Lindsay Lohan? Crazy! 

Have you ever experienced a red-headed slut? 

With all these celebs getting their mugshots taken, I want to remind you to post yours in your profile page.  Who wants to go around looking like this?

  Johnny Rico posted his mugshot and made the home page. Check out his list about some male stars he might wish were in jail. 

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Editor ~

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June 21, 2007

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